AUSTRALIAN KELPIES FOR SALE Due to our reputation as one of Australia's leading Kelpie breeding Studs, many of these Noonbarra Kelpie puppy litters have early bookings. Meet Gracie. Trained Dogs for SaleDetection, Protection & Dual Trained The K9 Centre is an industry leader in the supply of trained canines. ALCA-C090-08252014-037-LB1. Wazzat is located in the South West of Western Australia. would gain much more confidence with more regular handling. We currently do not have any retiring adults. We occasionally have adult dogs, retired from our breeding program, who are looking for their Forever Family. Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle. Blossom was bred at our stud & carries quality bloodlines & has been one of breeding mares for many years & she produced many beautiful foals but for the past few years she has been retired from being a breeding mare & has been out in the herd with her mates. Big ones, little ones, young ones, old ones, wriggly ones, galloping ones, fury ones, slimy ones - basically all pets. Retired Dogs . As our primary reason to breed a litter of puppies is to acquire a puppy for ourselves to show, no puppy will be sold or reserved for someone prior to 8 weeks of age. Registered Breeders with puppies sometimes available, we also assist other breeders in finding forever homes for their dogs and puppies. Oct 17, 2017 - We occasionally have adult dogs, retired from our breeding program, who are looking for their Forever Family. They are intact breeding dogs and are only available as potential Labradoodle breeders. Finding the right homes for our lovely dogs. No. New owners will need to understand the dogs require a number of weeks to settle. Not all our older furry ladies take the time or the interest in our wee puppies. Dogs for Sale in Australia and New Zealand. We embrace our commitment to you to supply quality, appropriately trained dogs. The most important changes to the law are: Breeders and sellers must adhere to the new South Australian Standards and Guidelines for Breeding and Trading Companion Animals, from 1 August 2017. My kennel prefix is "Wazzat" named after my last breed, the Chinese Crested Dog. Older Dogs for Sale. Pedigree papers Our Retired Breeding Dogs. Billabong Creek Farm adhere to current Codes of Practice and in that code it provides for the retirement of ex-breeding mothers and dads too, deemed suitable for homes. Cats . For the latest photos of puppies for sale, please email Geoff or Marie-Louise at They live in their forever homes already. Full breed … no breeders or brokers. Free delivery to … Due to their popularity there … We take very serious consideration as to the temperament of the dogs that we breed with as it is of the upmost importance to us. These hens are Isa Browns and are aprox 18 months old.  All these ex-breeding dogs will be desexed and Vet checked prior to their departure from us and you will receive a full and frank history of the dog’s temperament, health, its likes and dislikes and feeding requirements etc.    This is the beauty of re-homing a dog that has been here with us all its life…. Breeders For Sale. We are so sentimental about our dogs that we like to see their faces here, and you can see ancestry for some of our up and coming young breeding dogs … Desexed Older puppies were held back as potential breeders and or they are candidates for service/therapy training. Johnson’s Alfalfa Plus is a high fibre, high protein, low starch and sugar, pelleted feed. A deposit is required within 24 hours of your purchase to secure your dog. All Dogs displayed as available on this page are current and for Sale. However, when considering buying a puppy for sale, it is important to consider all aspects of the dog’s health, temperament and genetic background. We love pets! All puppies sold are over 8 weeks old . Billabong Creek Kennels offers our retired breeding dogs for sale to loving homes. Through our safe, effective and stress-free dog … If you are looking for a few dogs to get your virtual kennel started this is the place to look. People buy a trained dog for sale or a trained service dog for sale, and it is no better than if they bought a mutt from the pound and took it to obedience classes at a pet store. SEDONA MINIATURE DACHSHUNDS. Here at Lawdogs Australia we train our own dogs. Microchipped OUR DOGS