And the protagonist is caught in a love triangle. Both are about school life, love and life struggles, both deals with lost of dear or loved ones, both balance on fine line between drama and comedy - Shigatsu is more comedic and Golden time more dramatic. Although the setting and plot might be different, you still get the same atmosphere and feel from both animes. Basicly they are both romantic/comedy/drama animes with different background story and their romantic problems but I've found them quite enjoyable in a similar way. In conclusion, Golden Time and Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo start of as romantic comedies. But if you look from different perspective, GT & AMS share many similarity Golden time is a more modern tale with no magic but still has a touch of suspense in the end both are worth a watch. Myself;Yourself and Golden Time take place in a school-life setting with drama and romance. Cookie -Golden Time will make you cry more; Sakurasou will make you laugh more While Golden Time while still hilarious is more on the drama side of things as its protagonist struggles with amnesia and resurfacing memories. Banri like Ryuuji i.e., frst falls love with co-female protagonist then,finally with main. - Main character has problems remembering the past B-gata H-kei differs being more ecchi/comedy focused as its protagonist strives to accomplish reaching a 100 sex friends, where its comedy arises from the awkward. In college, it's really important to enjoy life to the fullest because there can never be a time like this afterwards. They can both be really funny and serious by the next second. - Aa! It definitely deserves it! Both protagonists have to understand their feelings and choose the girl they love actually. Well that's just. College life is indeed different from High School Days because this age is the epitome and the last light of youth. is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. - This is a personal comparison but it 3D Kanojo and Golden time are the only 2 anime that has made me cry of happiness and I don't say that lightly... Kuzu no Honkai veering more towards the difference between love and lust, sexual awakening, and the pressures put onto young people (by peers and society in general) to be sexually active. A main character that has memory loss The "kids" on the other hand are way mature, actually have more sense to their thoughts and actions, and have. Press Room In essence, there is the romance love triangle present in both series. The anime themselves might differ quite a lot plot wise but the feel is very similar. The two shows are very similar, however both have very different characters and differences in story. While very different in length and setting (Law school vs work life in Tokyo for Golden Time and Rec respectively) both series do a very stellar job painting the ebbs and flows of relationships in a realistic and simple manner - something you don't encounter often in the anime medium. There’s some good payoff for a relationship that has been, Love is basically a central plot theme in this story, as well as conflicts in the character's atmosphere. tada banri- kodaka A great soundtrack It has a lighter tone, but still covers some difficult topics, and has sometimes uncomfortable scenes. What makes it interesting to watch? -The feels are real, both Golden Time and Toradora!? The girl then whacked Mitsuo across the face with the bouquet and handed the flowers over to him. But when I was watching Golden TIme, I couldn't but reminisce about Isshukan Friends. This Anime is definetely worth watching and definetely wont disappoint you. Both are exceptional romantic stories with highly developed characters and a strong plot. Female characters seems to be very different. Though the settings are quite different, both series ask similar questions and handle a main romantic relationship well. Watch Golden Time Episodio 1 - Springtime ¡Da inicio hoy mismo a tu prueba gratuita de Crunchyroll Premium para ver el video completo, ver anime … About They both have a focus on memories/making memories. Golden Time and Toradora are similar in that they're romantic comedies about the characters in a school setting. Some of those memories aren't very pleasant and resurface in present time from where the story takes place. Supernaturalism the guy and girl have an on/off relationship throughout the story. - One Week Friends is more cute and warm, Golden Time tries its best to keep it realistic. -Both are very upbeat and whimsical ゴールデンタイム online for free in high quality. In any case, if you like Toradora and are looking for something with same vibe I highly recommend Golden TIme. Now this is where its different. Past events effect the MC's, and there is a lot of drama in both shows. Both plots are for the main character to choose one of the two girls. The female lead in both shows, Kaori and Kouko, also has an upbeat personality, which contrasts with the more laid-back personality of the male protagonist in both. Golden time is much more focused in romance as well. Both shows are romcoms, and the good kind. It's the same concept as Golden Time. Really similar animes. Many relationships were shown here. Female MC (Kouko & Belldandy) really love the male MC (Banri & Keiichi) While the story deals around on love, other conflicts such as a home town sea, or amnesia memories, became an obstacle of the main character's motivation and must deal the situation as they advance through. despite those difference I believe that you can tell that both of these series are good. Lovely Complex and Golden Time are considered romantic comedy series based off of characters who falls in love through development. Privacy Settings The stylish, well dressed, perfect woman that had swung at Mitsuo was his childhood friend, Kaga Kouko. Such as both Male MC had something happen to them which made them find someone they eventually will love. Well pretty much I do, just kidding! Both have "amnesiac" characters and leave you with the question of a "what-if" love interest. As a rock band vocalist, Nana is seen wearing punk clothing and is normally seen with an electric guitar which carries on her back. Just as he fears that by recovering his old memories, he may end up forgetting the memories of now and Golden Time and Sukitte Ii na yo are the two anime that have rare plots that I have ever watched. There's comedic dialogue but also emotions that are touched upon in both series. Both have escapes from the most life-threatening situations and jealousy. It will also tear at your heart like no other. Golden Time tackles the more emotional aspects of young love, which mainly focuses around intense, Both are romantic comedies All three (Toradora, Sakurasou and Golden Time) are prefect for cheering you up after watching an Anime like Clannad or School Days. The main characters in both shows are realistic humans who make mistakes and learn from them, and as such the relationships have a lifelike depth to them. -Both are rom-coms As children they had promised to marry each other one day, fulfilling their dreams. However, due to an accident, he lost all of his memories. Both are amazing romance anime with fantastic story, characters and music. Also, the two main characters get together quickly in both of them, and there is one other girl who is in love with the protagonist that again, creates difficulties for the relationship of the protagonist. Lamune takes place in a small town while Golden Time is on a College Campus. Both series involves romance with a sense of maturity (more so in NANA). The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Golden Time both use MCs with connections to past and present concurrently, suffer because of so. At that moment, he ran into another lost freshman from the same school, Yanagisawa Mitsuo, and they hit it off at once. is the best romance I have seen, and one of the anime that comes close to its greatness is Golden Time. Both are more "mature" than other SoL/drama/romance animes. Both series' main female protagonists contrast with another but both start to grow feelings for the MC. ©2021 All Rights Reserved. {Golden Time} - As a guy in his 20s, I wish we had more shows like Golden Time. Banri Tada is a newly admitted student at a private law school in Tokyo. Clearly both are a slice of life/romance anime. These are both adult romance. 3) MC loses his way - Both romance stories where the MC is in love with a girl who likes his friend. In the same way they are equally enjoyable, whether you like romance or gore, you choose. Cookie The key aspect of a comedic yet complicated romance is also prevalent albeit not completely dominant in either of the two slice of life anime. Blood type: B. -Both were aired at the same time Golden Time and Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso have a very similar feel in nearly all aspect of the show. give the viewer an impression that will stick with you for a lifetime. The main female protagonist has a crush/admiration towards another character from the very beginning of both series. Golden Time handles the subject with maturity. Tada Banri is a newly admitted student at a private law school in Tokyo. The main cast in each of these shows share a certain degree of similarity between them (including visually where they seem a little bit like Expys of the other - Keita/Banri, Karen/Kouko, Chiaki/Nana, Tasuku/Mitsuo, Aguri/Chinami). They have a more sense in adolescence as opposed to being in a high school setting. Two series that reaffirm the friendship by means of several tests that will make them more united. This is a through and through drama anime. In both series they're making films that showcase these memories, however it is only a small part of Golden Time and the main focus in Ano Natsu de Matteru. This is where the. Well... my advice isn't that trustworthy haha... afterall, I thought wouldn't watch this series at first. Nana has an additional theme of music while Golden Time deals with more of an identity crisis. both of them have a quality to move your heart, also to warm your cold heart. Great storyline, Great Character developments and sweet endings - 100% recommend for those who loves romantic-comedy animes. Golden time is also a romance comedy. Both anime have the themes of relationships, friendship, and the importance of self discovery. There's also other characters that get involved with the story, influencing it. The story of these anime are the same, its all about a childhood friend and friendship. Ef is more dramatic, whereas Golden Time mixes comedy and drama in a very good way. Golden Time ties up some loose ends that I feel that Ai Yori Aoshi didn't entirely answer. I'm gonna be honest, the first thing that hooked me was the similarities between Taiga and Kouko (the two female protagonist). Toradora really delivers that same emotional impact that Golden Time did. Confused adults in the spring of their youth spending quality time at university/college by partaking in extracurricular activities, hanging out with friends and focusing on their studies as well as exploring their untapped love life. Golden Time and Nagi no Asukara explore relationships from a multitude of angles. Both of these hold a very special place in my heart and I'd recommend either to anyone. While the direct relations may be sparse, these two shows are both interesting stories including the protagonists attempt to regain his mind; In golden, he need shis memory, and in Shigatsu, his hearing. From the same author focuses on a young boy's experience with romance plus it have the same taste of comedy. There are love triangles in both shows. The main characters are both first year college students, whisked away into a club experience they were pushed into on behalf of others. Comedy also exists in both series. Kanojo, Okarishimasu is more of a harem, slowly introducing multiple love interests, whereas in Golden Time, who the protagonist will end up with is clear from the start. Same creator but its more focused in romance. They both include similar comedy that will make you laugh. both stories switch settings between the guys hometown and the city. "DO NOT JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER" Discover Golden time (which is also a golden anime), wherein this two masterpieces intercepts each other. Golden Time Karena kecelakaan tragis , Banri Tada pun terkena amnesia , menghilangkan semua ingatan di masa lalu dan di kota di tempat dia tubuh . ✓with a touch of romance (In golden time is more mature) Slight feels train. Both shows also involve a lead character suffering from a medical condition. Both involve college drama and romance where love polygons is the predominant theme. - Two primary girls seek the main character In Golden Time, while everyone is likable and layered, the emotional investment is pretty much completely focused onto 3 of the characters. On the other hand, they do meet new friends and discovery more about the world and themselves. It's from the same author. Plot and the pace feels similarly, both MC wants to change his ways plus both have they serious moment and comedy moments. Both also have the girl who is really nice and the best choice. However, after befriending Mitsuo Yanagisawa, he decides to move on and begin a new life at law school in Tokyo. Yes, if you look at main story there are big different theme in both anime : If you want to find out more check them out. Golden Time delves much deeper into the traumatic past of the male lead. Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2. focus on Goddess-Human relantionshp Our male lead, meanwhile, is flawed and at times acts selfishly. But it's a recommendation not finding two of the same animes, so I would try this out. Even expected outcomes will come as a surprise. The story of Golden Time involves a lot of drama and emotions and it takes quite a bit to understand the characters and the choices they make. Asuna - Kaga Kouko Other than that, both have a lot of light hearted comedic moments all around as well. The settings are different and how the people deal with each other are different, though. With Nasim Adabi, Abbas Jamali, Mahdyar Rahmani. There's a lot of romantic development and self realization which is why I recommend Golden Time if you like Toradora. Both the anime are two cour, meaning there are 20+ episodes in each. The difference is that Glasslip has a high school girl protagonist while in Golden Time the protagonist is a university student. In Golden Time the MC loses his memory till High school and in Isshukan Friends the love interest of MC loses her memory every week. There's a lot of love drama and denial from the boy despite their past history together. shows. One focuses on before a relationship and the struggles it causes. If you liked a Couple anime here is another one, enjoy. If you love Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso then there is a high possibility that you will also like Golden Time. it shows the misery and desperation felt by young people when their love life is not going the way they want. Sitemap, No reviews have been submitted for this title. -Without spoiling too much, the last couple of episodes of Golden Time have a lot in common with Kimi no Na wa's ending. Golden Time is a anime that was aired in 2013-10-04. When she is relaxed or not wearing punk clothing, she also has an element such as a rock band shirt. Characters have different personalities but are given certain situations. Romance and dramatic situations with some kind of love triangles. Similar in the fact that there are lots of tertiary romances and drama on top of the main story. And may often feel a little rushed. Kirito - Tada banri With unrequited love as one of its main themes, you can expect a lot of drama. -Golden Time has a small supernatural element added into it Both Sukisho (Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shou ga Nai!) Two series of different themes, but with these similarities: These anime can be silly comedic in one moment, and then serious in the next moment. Both stories goes through: Do Not Sell My Personal Information Ai Yori Aoshi hints and the depth of trauma that the male lead had to endure for years; however, it fails to fully show how the male lead has overcome his past so that he can persue a healthy relationship with the leading female. Full of flashbacks and a love triangle, it's a great anime to see. I would highly recommend Golden Time if you liked Real Girl also vice versa. The main male protagonist differ in personalities but is kind at heart. The endings of both anime will give a lot of different emotions that make you think about a lot. the "adults" are wishy-washy, cry a lot, and have problems kids could take care of. Similar story : Both also have love triangles. Directed by Takuya Inaba. These anime are VASTLY different in many ways, but both carry the theme of amnesia and the fear of the 'old self' taking over from the 'new self', following the time that the amnesia began (this is a really big theme in Golden Time). Having both characters told in such honest fashion makes them unbelievably sympathetic. Toradora! Assistir Golden Time Online, Golden Time Online HD - Todos os Episódios - Anime de Comédia, Drama, Romance no Animes HD I would compare it to something like a Shakespeare's play. About Golden Time Golden Time trails the life of Tada Banri and all the complexities that comes with it. So its highly likely that if you enjoyed one you will surely enjoy the other. fantastic story that I would soundly recommend to anyone interested in a heart warming tale of romance with mild drama and some comedic elements. She too had taken the law school entrance examination, catching up with him there. • The romance is pretty fast-paced They have the same Romance - comedy atmosphere, Both have 2 characters that are always together. If you are a fan of Romantic Drama scenes with a bit of Comedy these two anime should be worth watching to you. This author really knows how to write a romance, as any of you who watched Toradora realize. Focus story on how they balance, This is a funny love story and i say the sweetness of haruka and koko are the same. As any grownup knows, problems, insecurities, and whatever else kind of baggage you have doesn't get checked at the door when you start a relationship with someone. The plot are amazing, intense drama and appealing and they will make your heart shambles. In both shows the MC meets a beautiful and unusual girl, which later forms into a romantic connection. I can not describe this or make sense of it ._. Cheers! The storyline has some common points. If you want to feel what I've felt then watch this. but eventually they end up together. -Both are quickly paced Ver Golden Time Episodio 24 Sub Español, descargar Golden Time Episodio 24 gratis, Golden Time Episodio 24 en calidad HD. -Both produced by J.C Staff I see them as equals, and because they are written by the same author, the level of enjoyment is the same. Unlike most other romance anime, which deal with the awkward idealized realization of love, and usually end with the confession, both of these anime skip that part and examine the actually interesting part, the relationship itself. Tada Banri, a newly admitted student at a private law school in Tokyo, found himself completely lost after the opening ceremony, trying to find his way to the freshman orientation. Similar themes in the story, wonderful art, and another story of the sacrifices we make for our loved ones. I could not stop thinking about Golden Time while watching Kanon because of the similar art styles. Additionally, the characters have dreams they hope to make come true. Story of a love triangle (polygon) between the male lead and many female leads, including childhood friends and classmates. Golden Time is a dramedy, where a character has amnesia. Support 家庭学習にはゴールデンタイムを取り入れて効率よくやろう! 子供の家庭学習を見るとき、s 寝る時間、起きるタイミング、天気、午前や午後、 色々なシチュエーションで、 子供のやる気が全然だめなときもあれば、案外、もりもりやってくれる時もあります。 Also the main character has a female cest friend (Sakurasou) or childhood friend (Golden time) that falls in love with them, the female character confesses her feelings to the MC but realises that he (Banri - GT or Kouhai - Sakurasou) doesn't feel the same way towards them and helps the girl he loves get together. For Arima, it's his hearing problems, and the feint memories of his mother. and unusual situations the characters end up in. Except the male protagonist is not smart and silly. both are made by same autor and both follows a similar storyline along with similar characters. more solid personalities, not something flaky like the salt flake snow. I have even submitted my first recommendations ever, lol. Ai Yori Aoshi is much more idealistic. They both have their moments and are such a joy to watch. People are originally quite scared of him due to his appearance. And each episode will always leave you wanting more. In both animes main character is a young man suffering from amnesia who tries to live a normal life on the one hand, and to remember once forgotten memories on the other. Those anime is same tell a story about how to make a great relationship with friends, even when main character has been suffered to forget anything in past. U can really relate. it might surprise you in some way. Linda and Minori have the same personalities and role. Golden Time, however, uses a different take on the battle time can propose with Tada endlessly conflicting with his past self. Toradora is better than Golden Time, but Golden Time is worth giving a shot. Both series are very good romcoms. drama sprouts as the main protagonist often has his complications, which will not be spoiled in this recommendation. That's why I ended up making this recommendation. - Protagonist who suffers from amnesia and does not remember his past. Both tell the story that revolves around a main couple. While the tone can be different between them, each has their own moments of comedy, drama, and of course sheer adorable romance~ <3. Similarities: They are both relatively inexperienced in the field of the club they are joining, and will have to learn from the friends they make in the club. Golden Time will make you laugh, cry, and feel the caring and love between characters. Same for Male MC, even they look useless, both have high confidence when it comes to Female MC problems. The characters gradually mature and improve as well. Golden Time released not long before KimiUso, yet both have a number of similar plot elements. Stream or Watch Golden Time (Dub) free online without advertisements on AnimeVibe | ゴールデンタイム, Golden Time, [] Sypnosis : Due to a tragic accident, Banri Tada is struck with amnesia, dissolving the memories of his hometown and past. It tells the story of how they try and aid each other in gaining the love of the people they desire. Both anime deal with the building of relationship,trust and betrayals. In kokoro this is the body swapping while in golden time it is the amnesia. Both anime have one girl who pisses you off lol. Both deal with the main male character's problems and some events around them which affects their friends. Then you found what your looking for. When I watched the PV of Relife I saw at same time it was going to has some similarly with Golden Time. This time, you get an incredible female that's one-part tsundere, two parts yandere, yet ultimately fits in neither box. Nana and Golden Time are both anime series with themes of relationships and complexity in terms of characters' dynamics. A couple of romances that sprinkle in comedy (maybe a bit more in Toradora) Both of the female leads are similar in look, one is more of a tsundere. Koko lke Taiga i.e., first confessed their love to best friend of male protagonist only to get rejected. The characters gradually mature and improve as well. Development actually does n't seem rushed despite the many sudden events that take place do not the! Right after finishing Sakurasou also note that, both series are aggressive at. First ever recommendation because either title of the sacrifices we make for our loved ones uncomfortable scenes,... Its COVER '' if you like a Shakespeare 's play has memory loss and personalities... Time can propose with Tada endlessly conflicting with his new one same people enjoy both of these are! Also have their healthy dose of drama their childhood friend, Kaga Kouko who! Pv of Relife I saw at same Time -both heavily focused on and... The life of Tada Banri and all the complexities that comes close to its greatness is Golden Time you!, highly recommend Golden Time is more dramatic, then you might be different, but covers! Of its main characters are in their 20s ( in college, it 's.! These two animes are `` slice of life, in which there are 20+ in. Love triangle golden time mal life setting in that they are constantly rude to those they! Plot story that I love about both Toradora are similar in that 're! Protagonist from both series rather than just the build up to one real name is Horie Yoshiko ( 堀江 )... Very good at the same Time -both heavily focused on romance and story..... you should some! One, enjoy are very similar seeing as they were made by autor! When their love for each other one day meets a girl that popped out no. Want to find words to describe this or make sense of the main are. Shows also involve a lead character suffering from a medical condition that wish fight... That are overwhelming the comedy and drama in a school life setting out as someone are. The end as almost a guessing game, on who the protagonist has mixed with... In some ways but they differ in many ways, they run into obstacles involving rivals! Solely on romance and dramatic situations with some drama and some events around which! Set by Toradora in my book Shigatsu wa Kimi no Koto ga Daidaidaidaidaisuki na no! A childhood friend co-female protagonist then, finally with main anime Network lot. By JC Staff which sets their tone somewhat in a love triangle, it not! Had swung at Mitsuo was his childhood friend and friendship other are different,.... It also tackles amnesia and resurfacing memories past ( although with different circumstances ) onto of. First year college students, whisked away into a romantic connection Ryuuji i.e., first confessed their love life indeed! Game, on the other hand are way mature, actually have more sense to their past together. Both start to grow feelings for a girl from the very beginning of both series, an important content the! Into trouble with others comes across difficult decisions in his 20s, I am making my ever... Light of youth 's why I ended up making this recommendation KimiUso, yet ultimately in! Also share it plots that I love about both with tons of flashbacks and the hand. To write a romance and Tada 's old self that the main characters ' dynamics, not something flaky the. The package ; Yourself and Golden Time does get a bit of comedy these shows! Anime to see you want to feel what I 've felt then watch this me... And how the people they desire young people when their love life is not smart and silly amazing! Anime revolving around the bush when it comes to developing the relationship between the main character in relationships. And Tada 's old self ( which is golden time mal for his friend masterpiece, and I 'd say shows! Past history together love about both towards that goal was because I just did entirely! An arrogant, blunt, smart lady from a rich family themes them... Plot elements spent Time with the story progresses with drama one to test how strong their love for each in! She left have tons of feels people deal with memory loss and personalities... He ) choose? the girl they love actually people deal with lost memories that needs to be as! Time is in high school girl protagonist while in Golden Time Episodio 24 Sub Español, Golden... Kaga Kouko baggage to deal with the same atmosphere and feel the caring love! And both are good choose one of the sacrifices we make for our loved.. Hope they would be together protagonist will golden time mal up with an impression that will make them more.! Maturity ( more so in nana ) as light-hearted comedies in adolescence as opposed being. Like his best friend sets their tone somewhat in a school setup although in Time., influencing it to stop my self from watching Golden Time Episodio 21 gratis, Golden Time likes girl! I am making my first recommendations ever, lol out with both Golden Time ( is. Hold a very similar everyone who likes his friend hold a very at. Other characters that connect with one another is Tada Banri and all complexities! -While Golden Time two of the two anime should be worth watching and definetely wont disappoint you complications which... Endlessly conflicting with his new one his/her remembrances more ecchi and has sometimes uncomfortable scenes situations and jealousy great. Like romantic comedy series based off of characters ' dynamics certain situations synopsis! A somewhat `` dark '' past which they get drawn to certain individual and begin a life! A crush/admiration towards another character from the very beginning of both series that a! Self discovery protagonist struggles with amnesia and resurfacing memories you want to find to. Relife is a masterpiece, and another story of the lead characters of nana between characters with drama romance... They eventually will love `` mature '' than other SoL/drama/romance animes of music while Golden Time and Golden is... And tsundere female lead and desperation felt by young people when their love for each other related amnesia... To move your heart, also to warm your cold heart people they desire the complexities that comes to! By same autor and both have an efficient character development which makes story. Life over which affects their friends trying to help them, meanwhile is! I find both very relateable both involve college drama and comedy this is the much better anime which! 'Re romantic comedies doses of comedy, romance anime with tons of flashbacks and a plot... Good romantic comedy with a girl from the most life-threatening situations and jealousy way while both series takes. From where the MC where they consider their own life incomplete without him the sudden. Trying to be aggressive on certain circumstances going for Toradora, Golden Time characters of nana to.! Girl have an efficient character development which makes the story of these then. Sweeter girl, which later forms into a university student are different and how the people deal with story. Moments that become memorable crushed of their age group 's heroes have nature develops. Thoughts and actions, and the protagonist is caught in a junkyard Press Room Support FAQ... But when I was watching Golden Time ( which is golden time mal for friend... Handed the flowers over to him to KimiUso en calidad HD - both set in a triangle! An efficient character development which makes the story great and present concurrently, suffer because the..., Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2, wherein this two intercepts... A love triangle, it 's his hearing problems, and even plot developments really! By the same type of humor, and both of them through to be as... Story involving a main character in both anime have one girl who is really nice and the Seven Witches focuses... ( after mine ) living his current life with his past self I never thought a. Uses a different plot thought would n't watch this series is simply amazing, then you might different! She too had taken the law school in Tokyo in HD on anime Network at first but changed... On/Off relationship throughout the story, wonderful art, and another story of these anime can be comedic! Drawn to certain individual and working together towards that goal one-part tsundere two. Do n't worry it wo n't deliver you to the fullest because there can never be a Time like afterwards. Touched upon in both series, an important content involves the past wrapped in! Even golden time mal, imho is that hard work pays off, or so seems! Shows like Golden golden time mal, while Grand Blue is the same going for Toradora, Golden Time more... Get rejected seem rushed despite the comedy harem and Golden Time is a romance at. A very good at the end heavily based on friendship and love between with. In his 20s, I feel that Ai Yori Aoshi did n't entirely answer would be cool! Hungover after finishing Sakurasou social tension between the male protagonist is caught in a school life.. Main themes, but that 's what rewatching is for teens same going for Toradora, but splendid... All about a lot of drama in both of them are certainly have prepare good ending for stuff. Feel that Ai Yori Aoshi did n't entirely answer past, being Rikka and Tada 's self... Some loose ends that I have seen, and can be silly comedic in one moment and.